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We offer Rotorcraft instruction.

Robinson      R22 Instructor Hourly Rate 10 Hour Block Discount Rate with Instruction
$250.00 $50.00 $2,850.00



Rotor-craft Private Pilot

The Private Pilot course will take the student pilot through different stages of training, each designed to build pilot confidence and skills.

1. Introduction to helicopter aerodynamics

2. How to perform a thorough Pre-Flight

3. Your flight time will be devoted to learning how to control the aircraft, including basic maneuvers like hovering, approaches, departures, flying airport traffic patterns and communications with other aircraft. These will be the building blocks leading up to your 1st solo flight.

4. You will continue to improve your skills in all the basic maneuvers while you gain proficiency outside the local airport area. You will learn how to properly plan for and fly cross-country flights, read the weather, experience night flights and gain proficiency in handling emergency procedures.

5. We will help you perfect your maneuvering, navigation, pilot rules and regulations and overall aviation knowledge skills to the level required for the private pilot practical test standards, which is a set criteria that the FAA mandates which all private pilots must meet in order to earn a license. In order to gain your license, you will need to have passed a written exam, an oral exam and a flight test with an FAA Designated Examiner.